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Grand Master Shifu Mubarak Ali Shan

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Program: Date 19-04-2020
انجیر درّہ کوئٹہ
Tour of Anjeer Dara
Beautiful Place Of Quetta Valley, Pakistan Anjeer Dara
Spirit of the Martial Arts @ Shan Shaolin Temple
Confronting the Mountain
As long as you are incapable of going beyond the mountain, it is impossible to attain the Way. (WEI KVAN)
اردو ترجمہ: مقابلے کا پہاڑہ:- جب تک پہاڑ کو سر نہیں کروگے؛ اپنا راستہ نہیں ڈھونڈ پاوگے۔ (وے کوان)
گرینڈ ماسٹر شیفو مبارک علی شان اور گرینڈ ماسٹر شیفو عبدالروف صاحب

Grand Master Shifu Mubarak Ali Shan

Master Shifu: Hassan Akhlaqi
Tour Guide: Zakir Bakhashi

Shan Shaolin Temple Quetta Valley, Pakistan

Beautiful Mountains Of Quetta Valley 2020

Cameraman & Editor: Muhammad Hussain Chagar

Produced By: Mechid Tv & SPASS ®

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